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VI and Graphic Design

Every brand needs to define its visual identity (VI) to ensure that the brand positioning and message is communicated across all channels and visual tools. Further, a strong visual identity helps to build brand recognition and brand loyalty. In many cases, visual display and merchandising projects include the design and production of visual supporting tools such as display stands, price displays, and posters; besides the actual presentation of products. Our team understands the importance of adapting and refreshing visual identity in order to create a strong brand image in China. With experience in the creation of product displays for jewelry, accessories and fashion stores, our team of designers and retail consultants can create and implement your ideas.

Visual Identity & Graphic Design Services

Visual Identity Services can include the following:

  • • Visual identity
  • • Brand adaptation
  • • Graphic design
  • • Packaging design
  • • Promotional flyer design
  • • Promotional gift design
  • • Branded merchandising design
  • • Graphic design of other marketing materials
  • • Production support

Visual Identity & Graphic Design Process:

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