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Our Work Process

visual despcription of 5 star plus work process visual despcription of 5 star plus work process
visual despcription of 5 star plus work process visual despcription of 5 star plus work process

Project &
Brand Analysis

Each project 5 Star Plus Retail Design accepts starts off with a preliminary analysis. In this phase, research about the brand, its competitors, target market, local regulations, and the surrounding environment is conducted. From this research, the findings are presented to the client to ensure all information is accurate and the basis for the project is initiated.

Schematic Design

In the Schematic Design phase, we will seek inspirations, draft first sketches, and conduct color studies to evaluate design options. Based on the client's input and information gathered during the analysis phase, our designers will develop a schematic design concept which portrays an idea of the space, colors and fixtures used.

The client is responsible for reviewing our initial designs and providing feedback on the designs and ideas they like in addition to the ones they do not. This ensures both parties are satisfied before proceeding forward with more thorough, developed designs. We will provide visuals and renderings of the intended retail design to communicate our ideas.

Design Development

After a thorough discussion with the client, we will begin to formulate their ideas into concepts. This includes selecting the materials, the design of the furniture, and the fixtures throughout the space to obtain a desired effect while also exploring operational features such as POS equipment and internal-store processes.

At all times, we keep in mind your targeted brand positioning and the brand message to be communicated. By doing this, we are able to achieve the best possible branding result for increased brand awareness and brand loyalty which, ultimately, is expected to translate into a higher sales turnover.

Technical and
Construction Plans

During the technical part of the process, our team will draw floor, elevation, and furniture design plans as well as develop any necessary documents required to execute the project. We will then select potential producers and manufactures based on specifications. This includes installation for light fixtures and furniture.

In cases where we are assigned to build the whole shop, our team will create a project schedule accompanied by both on and off-site production overview to ensure fast completion of high-quality products within the agreed financial quota.

Retail Furniture
& Fixture Design

Since many brands and store locations require unique designs, projects usually require a large portion of the fixtures and fittings to be custom-designed. We have experience in selecting the finest materials and suppliers throughout China and Europe; with eco-friendly materials and local suppliers taking top priority.

Where this is not possible, we will expand our search to other regions until we find the perfect supplier or products for the project. Clients will be kept informed consistently throughout the entire process and provided detailed information of all materials, fixtures, and fittings in addition to a sample board.