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Retail Consulting

With a workforce that has experience in retail operations for the luxury sector in China, 5 Star Plus Retail Design has extensive knowledge and proficient experience with department stores and shopping malls throughout China that has made our team experts with handling local regulations and building codes. This ensures that our work is best tailored for not only the market in China, but also to a vast range of retail spaces and their regulations.

We focus on understanding a brand’s story in depth and their key target market. Backed by research we help brands to effectively adapt their strategy to best fit the needs of the Chinese market and current trends. Our retail consulting services paired with design services help our clients to form effective operational strategies to bring success and increase sales.

Retail Consulting

The scope of services included in retail consulting include:

  • • Brand adaptation
  • • Translation of company marketing materials
  • • Customized strategic planning
  • • Assistance in building connections to needed outlets for company registration, real estate, tax regulation, etc.
  • • Staff Training

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